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  • Car park sheds
    Protect your cars from excess heat and water with PVC sheds, nylon mesh sheds, corrugated metal sheds and many more.

Car park shades

PVC Shades, Corrugated Metal Shades and HDPE Car Park Shades

Jabel Al Maliha has fabricators of superior quality for car park shades. Our car park shades protect your cars from strong sun rays as well as water. We have PVC shades, Nylon mesh shades, corrugated metal shades and various other shades. If you want to protect your car from heat and water, then you can choose PVC shades. But if you want to keep your car park area cool then you can get nylon mesh shade installed.

Our team manufactures car parking shades in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all over the Emirates. We also customize them as per your requirements. We make the overall process of designing, manufacturing and installation very easy for you at the most affordable price. Our team helps you to select the right kind of car parking shade according to your car, price and requirements.

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