Steel fabrication in UAE
  • Wood And Metal Pergolas
    Wooden pergolas for outdoor sitting and garden.
  • Ash wood pergola
    Hard wood pergolas
    Best quality hardwood pergolas
  • Car park pergola
    Pine wood pergola
    Australian pine wood grained pergolas
  • Stained wood pergola
    Stain wood pergola
    Stained wood pergolas

Pergolas – Metal and Wood

JAM UAE manufactures all kinds of metal and wood pergolas for your outdoor space. Our high quality pergolas add beauty and elegance to your outdoor space and also provides a roof to your extra potted plants. Pergolas make your ordinary outdoor living space visually appealing. We custom make pergolas for your elegant villas in UAE.

From designing to manufacturing to installation, our team of experts take care of everything hence making your purchase smooth and easy. Our pergolas are harsh weather resistent too.

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